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The Different Uses for Incense and Smudges

Incense is something that goes back to ancient times, probably back to ancient Egypt. The early Native Americans also burned incense. Incense was used almost to set the mind at solemn meditation. The different scents would bring about other thoughts or emotions. Sometimes it would help a person sleep or help with anxiety and stress. Incense sticks are lit at the tip with an incense burner holding the stick to catch the ashes and keep the stick from catching fire to anything. Many use incense for making a home or room smell good. It does not always have to have a purpose. Most were used in religion or spirituality. These are some of the other reasons. People want to clear the negative energy, and incense helps them. It helps with concentration when a person is meditating. It also helps open up the memory bank in one's brain and opens the heart to new things.

Smudges are like a huge stick of incense put together with all-natural items included and tied together to burn for different fragrances. It is another item that has been used and around for centuries. People still use them for the same purposes as in the old days, but they also use them for the simple reason of keeping the house smelling good. Most of the smudges were more like a home remedy for bad vibes or bad luck. It was known to ward off evil spirits. Those who worked in the paranormal used it to clear out a room to let the good vibes and good spirits enter. It is the same for lighting incense as it is for lighting smudges. There are spiritual reasons and personal reasons. It does not matter as long as the person is happy and gets the best out of the experience in lighting them.

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