Hand Made Soaps

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We have hand made soaps that people will fall in love with when they see them. Some will never use them for handwashing and keep them as home decor in the bathroom, which is perfectly fine. Others are made to use and help with cleaning as some will even feel like a massage as you rub it on your body while taking a shower or bath. Hand made soaps are sold by many people and companies. They have been around for a long time. When people see the different designs and what we have to offer, they will be pleased with the inventory and the prices. Every piece of our soap selection is real soap, but some are meant for home decor only. We do have some for the bath and shower too that people can use. It will leave your body clean and feeling refreshed with an excellent scent.

Our hand made soaps online come in different selections put into two categories; those you can use for body wash and those for decoration only. For the body wash soaps, we have the massage bar soap designed with the perfect angles of uplifted pieces to massage while you get all soaped up gently. The next one is a famous brand of bar soap, and it sells fast. Most women use the lotion, and we created it as a soap bar. Shea Butter soap bar is a favorite among women because Shea Butter is used in feminine hygiene products and skin lotion. For those who like mermaids, we have plenty of decorative soaps. We have two different types of sleeping baby mermaids, one that is not sleeping, and we have a mother holding her baby mermaid. Then we have the bar soaps that are created like small pictures with mermaids swimming. Other designs are seashells, dolphins, and butterflies.