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Hand Made Candles

Mystic Mystiques is Great for Those Who Love Hand Made Candles Online

Mystic Mystiques has hand made candles that people love to light and relax. There is something about lighting hand made candles that can change the mood of a person. If a person is tired, restless, or nervous, lighting a hand made candle or more than one seems to bring a person to peace. Lighting candles goes back to ancient times when candles were used for light. It was also used for the same reasons of meditation as we do today. Some rooms had hundreds of candles lit for light and reflection, especially in synagogues. We light candles in church to honor a loved one or for prayer offerings. When we pray, some people light a candle. Having one of our hand made candles lit will bring a peaceful setting as some have different aromas added to them, like the coconut Mojito. Our candles can get pretty creative, and many admire them.

Our hand made candles online have wowed the customers we attract. Many feel like there is a candle for every person. Our best sellers of the handmade candles online are the skull candles and the sea turtle wax melts, which come four in a pack. There are spiral hand made candles online, gel fish bowl candle, grenade candles, seven-day candles, rose candles, and a 14-ounce glass with lid candle. Among some of the specialty candles, we have some that may be considered collectibles. We have Cola candles, which come in glasses with straws. The candles are made with the same color as the drinks and have a fizzy top to the candle areas. They also come in cola glasses. Margarita glass candles look like the drink, and they even have lime for decoration. Some candles look like whiskey shot glasses filled that look real and wine glass candles for the wine lovers.

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