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Essential Oil

Take A Look at Our Essential Oils and What They Do

There are many different beautiful aromas from our fragrance essential oil collection. They all come in 10ML bottles and .34 fluid ounces. There are many other uses that our essential oil products are used for when doing different things. Everything we have in essential oils is versatile. They are for cleaning and home care products, used in the spa, blends, perfume, compress, inhalation, oil burner, diffusion, vaporizer, body oils, custom massage, and Aromatherapy. Many people love the scents of the oils mixed with water from the diffusers or humidifiers. We recommend the Pursonic Essential Oils as long as everything is compatible. We are happy to announce that all orders over $35.00 are free on shipping and handling. We will cover the cost so you can focus on the products you want to buy. Everything we have is inexpensive, and we have the individual's essential oil priced to sell at $3.50 a piece.

Some of the scents from our essential oils are peach, coconut, apples, vanilla, grapefruit, orange, strawberry, pineapple, lilies, peppermint, ginger, sea breeze, and other natural scents. The whole ten-piece set of essential oils is sold for the low price of $32.00. One who offers these as a gift for Christmas is perfect, or for any occasion. We have Valentine's Day coming up too. Women love the fresh smells of fragrance and essential oils. They can sit in a bathtub or spa for hours at a time and relax. It will be a winning gift for the ladies in your life. Those who love to use them as perfume or love how it makes their home or car smell with incense will love these items as gifts. When using cleaning items, these oils can be added to the cleaners for fragrance scents across the room. Most cleaning items that are all-natural already use citrus flavors in their set up.

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