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Black Owned/Women Owned/ Veteran Owned Business

Hi, I’m Sheila, the owner of Mystic Mystiques.

I first started making decorative candles and soaps as a hobby. Once I discovered the endless possibilities for my designs and how much I enjoy creating candles, it quickly blossomed into a successful online store. I am currently active duty in the US Navy as a biomedical technician, but I hope to open a physical store to expand the business once I retire.

Mystic Mystiques carries a variety of candles ranging from more traditional hand-poured soy wax candles to one of a kind custom designs. In addition to soy wax, I use gel wax, a transparent and rubbery wax, for many of my candles. Gel wax allows me to take my designs to the next level creating candles that look incredibly realistic. I carry a number of gel wax candles that look and smell like drinks ranging from champagne and coconuts mojitos to cola. Another unique offering is that I allow my customers to pick the color and fragrance of their candles. I know how sentimental smells can be, and I want my candles to be as meaningful as possible. For me, the scent of snuggles fabric softener immediately takes me back to my grandmother’s house. Each Mystic Mystiques candle is hand-poured by me to ensure the highest quality product every time.

In addition to candles, I sell aromatherapy products, including essential oils, incense, and smudges, that promote relaxation and alleviate stress and anxiety.  I also carry a wide selection of jewelry and novelty gifts.

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